Department of National Defence

To whom it may concern: For a period of approximately four months, I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Andre Faubert in the office of Chief, Public Affairs (CPA) at the Department of National Defence (DND) in Ottawa.

It was during this period where he worked as the Web Administrator, responsible for the programming, posting and maintenance of Public Affairs material prepared for D-NET, the official World Wide Web site of DND.

Specifically, he was required to prepare documents and image files forthe Internet in Various formats (.html, .pdf, .gif, .jpg, etc.) to support the release of information from the Public Affairs staff.

This also required him to maintain a rather large and complex directory structure, maintain key navigational elements on the site and interact with technical staff on server management and programming issues.

Lastly, he provided invaluable advice and responded to staff requests for information on a daily basis.

On a personal note, I very much enjoyed working with André. The enthusiasm and sense of responsibility he had for his work was evident everyday, making my job that much easier. Every supervisor – and Web site developer – should be so lucky!

I have no doubt that he would be an asset to any office.

If I can offer any further information, please be in touch. Sincerely, Beverly Pasian Interactive Media Manager